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The Pilot Sport EV is a high-performance summer tire inspired by Michelin's experience in electric car racing (Formula E). This responsive tire is designed for electric vehicles that offer particularly dynamic driving, such as Tesla and Lucid Motors.

  • Increases vehicle battery life by reducing friction with the road
  • A tire that provides exceptional control, both new and used, in the wet with the "ElectricGrip" compound
  • Acoustic" technology reduces perceived noise levels by 20

Michelin offers the Pilot Sport EV, its first tire designed to meet the specific requirements of electric sports cars.

The MaxTouch Construction technology used in the design of the Pilot Sport EV optimizes the contact patch, distributes braking forces evenly and improves tread life.  

Pilot Sport EV tires are also optimized for low rolling resistance, which helps improve your car's range. Michelin conducted an in-house study with an electric vehicle weighing 4,700 lbs (2,151 kg). The car traveled 60 km further when equipped with Pilot Sport EV tires.

Michelin engineers designed the Pilot Sport EV with the higher weight and weight distribution characteristics associated with electric sports cars in mind. They created a tire with high wear resistance in response to electric sports cars' high torque and acceleration forces.

Due to the lack of engine noise and the importance of battery range, the Pilot Sport EV emits 20% less perceptible road noise thanks to "Acoustic" technology, which takes the form of custom-developed polyurethane foam to reduce noise in the passenger compartment.

Michelin announced that it would take steps to neutralize the carbon footprint of its new EV tire line, in part by investing in carbon capture initiatives to match the value of the carbon emitted during the production and up to the point of sale at the retailer.