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Michelin's Pilot Sport 5 is an Ultra High Performance (UHP) summer tire for driving enthusiasts looking for a high level of comfort and safety.

  • Drive longer without compromising on performance
  • The sidewalls are finished in a stylish matte black with a velvet-like micro-texture
  • A tire that improves handling, responsiveness and precision

The Pilot Sport 5 delivers excellent wet and dry grip, short braking distances in all conditions, the highest aquaplaning resistance in testing, outstanding rolling resistance and a beautiful sidewall design.

With the Pilot Sport 5, Michelin regains one advantage over its rivals, and it's an important one - durability. 

Its MaxTouch Construction technology distributes acceleration, braking and cornering forces for longer tread life.

The most significant change in the Pilot Sport 5, compared to the Pilot Sport 4, is a dramatic improvement in wear resistance. Michelin has always been one of the leaders in this area, but it's fair to say that the Pilot Sport 4 was not up to its usual standards, with often average performance in wear resistance tests.

The Pilot Sport 5 features Dynamic Response Technology that provides excellent handling and maximum grip on dry pavement. 

For several years, Michelin has focused on long-term performance and has strived to make its tires perform as well as possible up to the legal tread life of 1.6 mm.

Dual Sport Tread Design technology uses the inner half of the tread for optimized wet driving and the outer half for dry performance.

One last thing to consider, Michelin has won the sidewall design competition, as every Pilot Sport 5 tire has the beautiful velvet-touch sidewall that has appeared on Michelin's newest tires. Currently, no competing manufacturer offers anything as sexy.