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The CrossClimate 2 is a studless all-season tire designed for passengers, CUVs and SUVs.

High performance, amazingly reliable and built to last

The CrossClimate 2 tires, the latest addition to the MICHELIN Total PerformanceTM collection, are specially designed to remain safe longer than tires sold by the competition. Crossover and SUV enthusiasts can keep their family safe day after day, mile after mile. The CrossClimate 2 tires are offered in 25 sizes with 16- to 20-inch rims.

Security That Stands the Test of Time

Tests have proven that the CrossClimate 2 tires performed much better than the competition when braking vehicles with worn tires. In addition to the utilization of used tires, the test also took place on wet pavement. The results are convincing; when the vehicle equipped with the CrossClimate 2 stopped, the cars from the four main competitors of MICHELIN had tires that were still travelling over 38 km/h. Considering that a vehicle travelling at 50 km/h on the wet pavement has a stopping distance of approximately 37 metres, the increased performance of the CrossClimate 2 is significant for a driver.

Multiple Performance

The distinctive MICHELIN Total PerformanceTM mark means that MICHELIN tires are created with the designers’ constant concern for improving performance, safety, durability, and fuel economy. One of the things that set the CrossClimate 2 all-season tires apart from the competition is their tread. Indeed, it exceeds expectations by having durability up to a year longer than the results obtained from the treads of the tires offered by the four main competitors.

Safe No Matter the Weather

The MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 all-season tires achieve excellent performance, whatever the season. Its unique design makes it ready to face any type of weather condition. It demonstrates exemplary reliability on dry pavement, just like a summer tire would. Its braking distance on this type of pavement is indeed up to 4.8 metres shorter than that of the competition. Additionally, it has an excellent good grip on snow during the winter season. It, therefore, maintains its superior level of safety and performance all year round.

A Choice Today for Lasting Security

As with the other tires in the MICHELIN Total PerformanceTM line, the CrossClimate 2 is covered by a 100,000 km limited tread manufacturer warranty, in addition to the regular warranty. This protects you against defects in workmanship and materials for six years or during the period of use of the original tread, whichever occurs first.