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The UN203 ST TRAILER from Mastertrack is an all-season trailer tire that offers excellent durability thanks to its reinforced internal structure that maintains the optimal shape of the tire during its useful life. This model is not designed for use on light commercial vehicles.

  • Provides good grip in all conditions
  • Improved load carrying capacity
  • Increased durability for towing

The tread pattern and compound of the tire provide a firm grip on the road surface and improve traction in dry, wet and winter conditions.

The ribbed design increases steering responsiveness and driving stability. It stabilizes and secures the tire structure against the pressure of a tow affecting it while causing it.

It also improves response time and accuracy to the towing vehicle's directions. The improved controllability provides better responsiveness to the towing vehicle and makes driving safer.

The UN203 ST TRAILER provides excellent safety. The internal radial construction of the model improves its durability. It prevents deformation of the tire due to load pressure and ensures safer driving. The optimal shape maintained provides a safe ride and prevents the tire from being damaged by the force that affects it when travelling.

When towing heavy loads and needing to change your tires, it is essential to verify the original size, load capacity and the number of plies required by the trailer or caravan manufacturer.