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The Falken WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 is a studdable winter tire designed to handle the harshest winter conditions, providing reliable traction and safe handling in snow and ice. 

  • Possibility of adding studs for optimal traction 
  • Ready to face the most challenging winter conditions
  • Exceptional handling and traction on snow, slush and icy roads

Canyon Sipe 3D technology developed by Falken engineers features an increased number of sipes on the tread surface, making the SUV and sedan tires winter-ready.

The high siping density provides sharper edges on the tread surface, resulting in best-in-class ice braking performance.

The Falken WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 has a flexible tread compound that adapts to the varying conditions of the winter season. It provides outstanding traction in heavy snow accumulation.

Featuring the industry's 3PMSF symbol and the prescribed number and location of studs, the WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 meets all legal requirements for safe and responsible winter driving.

The WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 is rated Severe Snow, providing superior traction and grip to a four season tire.  

Available in various sizes to fit many types of vehicles, the WINTERPEAK F-ICE 1 tire allows the addition of studs for optimal traction on mountainous terrain and icy roads.