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Carlisle's Radial Trail HD Trailer is designed to fit a wide range of trailers, boat trailers, horse and livestock trailers, utility trailers and tent trailers. 

  • Above-average durability
  • Tested to withstand high levels of the road heat
  • Very high load capacity

Suitable for short or long trips and various professional or recreational uses, this tire is designed to be more durable and safer than most of its competitors. 

Another advantage of the Radial Trail HD Trailer tire is that it generates very little friction with the road, which means savings at the pump.

Interconnected tread blocks promote even wear and longer life, while multiple plies increase load-carrying capacity. 

Radial Trail HD Trailer tires are designed to lose less pressure for better handling and less unnecessary wear.

Heat and hot weather are a significant concern for many trailer owners. Carlisle has thought of this by adding weather protection to withstand the damaging effects of heat better when travelling in hot conditions, at higher speeds, or longer distances.

Realistically, you should expect Radial Trail HD Trailer tires to provide between 3 and 4 years of service, depending on how long they are used and how they are used.

Overall, while not a perfect tire, we think it's in the upper half of the trailer tire category. It performs well over long distances and offers good value for money.