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Designed to equip sports coupes and sedans from brands such as Infiniti, Lexus, and Toyota, the Bridgestone Turanza ER33 tire epitomizes excellence in Grand Touring summer tires. Combining sleek aesthetics with predictable and comfortable driving, this tire offers low noise levels and reliable grip on both wet and dry surfaces. However, it is noteworthy that the Turanza ER33 is not intended for use in near-freezing temperatures, nor on snow or ice.

  • Summer-specific tread compound ensures predictable handling and excellent dry road traction.
  • Features circumferential grooves and lateral notches that facilitate water evacuation and minimize hydroplaning risks.
  • Internally reinforced with twin steel belts and spirally wrapped nylon to enhance high-speed stability and handling.

Tread Technology

The Turanza ER33 utilizes a rubber compound specifically designed for summer, molded into a symmetrical five-rib design that optimizes handling and traction on dry roads. This design also promotes even tread wear, thereby extending the tire's lifespan.

Wet Surface Performance

Circumferential grooves combined with strategically placed lateral notches allow for excellent water evacuation. This key feature enhances safety by significantly reducing the risk of hydroplaning, even during heavy rains.

Advanced Structure and Materials

The core of the Turanza ER33 is reinforced with twin steel belts and spirally wrapped nylon