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Bridgestone's Potenza S001 is a high-performance summer tire designed for high-performance sports cars, sedans and coupes. It offers excellent traction, precise handling and responsive braking capabilities, making it suitable for enthusiastic drivers and performance-oriented vehicles.

  • This tire model is known for its responsive handling and precise steering;
  • It features an advanced tread pattern to improve grip and reduce the risk of aquaplaning;
  • The Potenza S001 is designed to deliver a comfortable ride.

The Potenza S001 features a directional tread pattern with wide circumferential grooves, which evacuate water from the tire's contact patch, improving grip on wet surfaces and reducing the risk of accidents.

The Potenza S001 incorporates a high-grip tread compound to optimize dry traction and enhance cornering stability. Its construction includes reinforced sidewalls for greater stability during high-speed maneuvers and rapid steering response. The tire's design also aims to deliver a comfortable, quiet ride.

The Potenza S001 is designed to offer shorter braking distances, enabling quick, controlled stops.

If you're considering the Potenza S001 or any other tire, I recommend you consult a tire professional at PMCtire.com.