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Bridgestone's DriveGuard is the four-season run-flat replacement tire designed for safety-conscious drivers whose vehicles are not equipped initially with spare tires.

  • This tire is simply comfortable
  • Provides predictable handling on wet and dry roads
  • Offers the ability to find a garage within an 80km radius in the event of a flat tire

In the past, driving on a run-flat tire was like sitting on a fakir's nail mat! 

That's why many drivers have chosen to replace their worn run-flat tires with conventional models. Bridgestone offers to change all that with its DriveGuard Run Flat tire. 

Featuring new run-flat tire technology, the DriveGuard is built to be as comfortable as any radial tire on the market.

The DriveGuard allows you to continue driving up to 50 miles at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour, even if the tire has suffered a complete loss of air pressure. 

The benefits are many: no more changing a tire on the side of the highway or missing an important meeting because of a flat tire.

DriveGuard tires are also designed to provide a smooth ride, precise handling, excellent traction and control on wet and dry roads.

Its silica-enriched asymmetric tread compound combines predictable handling and cornering stability with long life and traction in all weather conditions.

The "Nano Pro-Tech" sidewall adds durability and strength to the tires.

Bridgestone's Run-Flat DriveGuard tire is a real game-changer in the run-flat tire market.

The DriveGuard performs very well in both wet and dry conditions. While traction in light winter conditions is excellent, expect braking and acceleration performance to decrease as snow accumulates or the road surface becomes icy.