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Bridgestone's Alenza Sport A/S is a premium summer/all-season tire designed for SUV and crossover drivers who want the combination of a refined, low-profile tire with oversized wheels to enhance the appearance of their vehicle while providing excellent handling.

  • Reassuring stability in all road conditions
  • Phenomenal grip, even in the wet
  • Incredibly smooth and quiet ride

The Bridgestone Alenza Sport A/S has a tread pattern that maximizes contact patches, preventing irregular wear and ensuring longer life.

It's built to be versatile in its performance, allowing you to drive in comfort and safety on wet roads and light winter conditions.

The Alenza Sport A/S promotes excellent traction by utilizing a detailed pattern with four wide circumferential grooves that improve wet and dry traction and prevent hydroplaning. 

The compound used in the construction of the Alenza Sport A/S developed by Bridgestone engineers maintains its flexibility at different temperatures. At the same time, the tread elements create biting edges, which improve steering responsiveness and driving stability. 

This low-profile tire is created to bring safety to your driving experience so you can arrive at your destination without any problems.

The Alenza Sport A/S is a must-have tire. Even on wet roads, it will give you a comfortable and quiet ride with incredible efficiency and phenomenal grip.