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Bridgestone's Alenza AS Ultra is an all-season tire designed for SUV, crossover and light truck drivers who want a quiet ride, good performance and long tread life.

  • It offers an excellent balance of wet and winter performance.
  • The Alenza AS Ultra features Quiet Tracks technology to reduce noise and improve ride comfort
  • Multiple grooves for traction on slippery surfaces

The Alenza AS Ultra is a tire that combines good dry handling with superior wet traction and all-season capability for safe performance, even in light snow.

An advanced high-silica compound is molded in a symmetrical pattern to promote better traction in inclement weather and improved noise levels while allowing flexible rotation options to maintain even tread wear.

The Alenza AS Ultra tire benefits from the Alenza Plus H/L Dueler properties, offering 13% better acceleration in the wet, 14% better braking in the dry, and 10% better braking in the snow. According to Bridgestone, the tire also has a 7 percent advantage in dry acceleration.

The Alenza AS Ultra's wide circular grooves reduce the risk of hydroplaning. It also features Quiet Tracks technology, strategically placed small serrations that dampen tread noise for a quiet, comfortable ride.

The tread blocks feature snow clamps that create powerful biting edges for winter performance and generous sipes for traction on slippery surfaces.

The internal construction of the Alenza AS Ultra uses a two-ply polyester casing that balances ride comfort and durability. 

This new Alenza AS Ultra can be mounted on the most popular vehicles: BMW X7, Audi Q5, Ford F-150, Lexus RX, Tesla Model X and Volvo XC90.