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Tire Environmental Handling Fees - British-Colombia

PMCtire Tire Environmental Handling Fees - British-Colombia



Every new tire that’s sold in BC comes with an Advance Disposal Fee (ADF), more commonly known as an Eco Fee, which is remitted to TSBC. The size of the fee varies by tire type so we can properly account for the higher cost of collecting and recycling the various tire sizes. It’s a small price to pay to keep our communities clean.

Most tires have a fixed ADF of $5. This includes tires for cars, light trucks, motorcycles, ATVs and free-rolling farm vehicles. Medium truck tires are $9, Agricultural Drive Tires are $15, and Logger & Skidder Tires are $35. Want more detail about what tires are included in the BC Recycling Regulation? Just go to Eco Fees.

And to be fair, inspection stations collect the ADF on cars imported into Canada from the US. More information on the Registrar of Imported Vehicles program can be found here.

All revenue collected from the ADFs is used exclusively for recycling and program activities. Almost 90% goes to the processors and haulers to collect, transport, and recycle the scrap tires. In fact, BC enjoys one of the highest diversion rates in the country with virtually no stockpiles. The remainder of the funds go to program management, the Community Grant Program, and other activities such as consumer education and awareness initiatives, and R & D.