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The Yokohama Ice Guard IG20 is a winter tire.

Building on the exceptional success of the Ice Guard IG10, the winter tire Yokohama  Ice Guard IG20 represents a great leap forward in winter traction technology. Designed to cut through the watery film on ice that causes micro-hydroplaning, the Ice Guard IG20 features Yokohama's over a billion absorptive carbon flakes and more than 5 billion resin-coated shelled microbubbles. The tread design has been refined to offer better grip during acceleration, cornering and braking in the worst winter weather, including in slush and snow and on ice. The Ice Guard IG20 has also been optimized to provide long-lasting wear and low road noise. But don't take our word for how well it performs when winter is at its worst - you be the judge!

Yokohama Discont. - IceGUARD iG20

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