Wheel not included with the tire*


AMP's Terrain Attack A/T A is a winter-rated, four-season off-road tire designed for the pickup truck, truck and SUV owners who want maximum grip and bite when they leave the road and venture out into the muddy trails.

  • Designed to improve traction on loose soil, gravel and sand
  • Designed for superior off-road performance 
  • An all-terrain tire, winter rated 

AMP's Terrain Attack A/T A tires have a performance tread with a multi-block pattern that provides stable control in a wide variety of environments and terrains.

The block configuration that forms the tread promotes stone and mud ejection to ensure better safety.

In addition to offering incredible off-road capabilities, the Terrain Attack A/T A features a mountain and snowflake embossed on its sidewall for year-round use. 

The Terrain Attack A/T A's blocks channel dirt, mud, snow, slush and water away from the tire to prevent hydroplaning in all weather conditions.

With the Terrain Attack A/T A, the fun starts where the road ends. The Terrain Attack A/T A's unique multi-block tread design ensures a smooth ride and superior handling and traction.

AMP offers the best choices for drivers who need high traction tires that won't lose traction in snow or mud.