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Our Team

The Heart of PMCtire

At PMCtire, we place great importance on our employees' personal and professional development, and we firmly believe that each employee's ideas deserve to be heard. We all work together to achieve our goals! Without further ado, this is our team:

  • Pascal Boutin



  • Yannick Plante

    VP - Operation


  • Sophia Camiré Wan

    Director of Projects

  • Yoann Benesty

    Director of E-Commerce & Marketing

  • Pascal Gervais

    Communications Coordinator

  • Daniel Lefrançois


  • Julie Leblanc


  • Lise Bachand

    Accounting Assistant

  • Santi Macià

    Full Stack Developer

  • Dominic Vaillancourt

    Spokesperson & Procurement Coordinator

  • Jean-Philippe Bernard

    Procurement Specialist

  • Katherine Noël

    Customer Satisfaction Specialist - CS Trainer

  • Martin Dumont

    Customer Satisfaction Specialist

  • François Longpré

    Customer Satisfaction Coordinator

  • Pierre Tétreault

    Customer Satisfaction Specialist

  • Jayson Roy

    E-Commerce Coordinator

  • Michael Campeau

    Customer Satisfaction Specialist

  • Mathieu Denault

    Warehouse Supervisor

  • Maxime Meunier

    Warehouse Clerk

  • Jean-Julien Bédard

    Warehouse Clerk

  • David-Sébastien Lemieux

    Warehouse Clerk

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