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Our Team

The Heart of PMCtire

Here at PMCtire, we truly value our employees and strongly believe that every idea should be heard; we are all working together to reach our objectives. So without further ado, here’s our team:

  • Pascal Boutin



  • Yannick Plante

    VP - Operation


  • Daniel Lefrançois


  • Julie Leblanc


  • Frédéric Boutin

    Full Stack Developper

  • Boris Bera

    Full Stack Developper

  • Isaac Ouellet-Therrien

    Full Stack Developper

  • Santi Macià

    Full Stack Developer

  • Annie-Claude Morin

    Full Stack Developper

  • Yoann Benesty

    E-Commerce Coordinator

  • Vincent Delage

    Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Dominic Vaillancourt

    Sales Consultant

  • Katherine Noël

    Sales Consultant

  • Martin Dumont

    Sales Consultant

  • François Longpré

    Sales Consultant

  • Mathieu Denault

    Warehouse Supervisor

  • Maxime Meunier

    Warehouse Clerk

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