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Summer / 4 seasons

Zeta / ZTR50

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Summer / 4 seasons

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About Zeta ZTR50

The Zeta ZTR50 tire embodies technical excellence and innovation, providing an unmatched driving experience. Designed to meet the demands of the most discerning drivers, this tire combines comfort, stability, and energy performance. Discover the cutting-edge technologies that make the ZTR50 a preferred choice for passenger vehicles.

  • Special profile design for increased tire rigidity and optimal driving comfort.
  • Computer-simulated pitch pattern design reduces rolling noise.
  • Innovative tread compound ensures improved all-season grip, reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced longevity.

Special Profile for Increased Rigidity and Comfort

The ZTR50 benefits from a specially designed profile that increases tire rigidity. This innovation ensures better force transmission on the road, resulting in increased driving stability, even at high speeds. Comfort is also enhanced, thanks to an optimized pressure distribution that absorbs road irregularities, thus ensuring a smoother and more pleasant driving experience.

Noise Reduction Through Computer Simulation

Thanks to a pitch sequence developed through computer simulations, the ZTR50 effectively minimizes rolling noise. This advanced technology significantly reduces noise pollution, providing a quieter and more comfortable drive. Passengers' peace of mind is thus ensured, even on long journeys.

Innovative Tread Compound

The innovation does not stop there; the ZTR50 is equipped with a latest-generation tread compound. This unique formula offers exceptional grip in all weather conditions, reduces rolling resistance, and increases tire longevity. Drivers thus benefit from improved fuel economy and enhanced safety, regardless of the season.