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Summer / 4 seasons

Zeta / ZTR20

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Summer / 4 seasons

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About Zeta ZTR20

The Zeta ZTR20 tire redefines standards of performance, safety, and energy efficiency in its category. Designed for demanding drivers, this model incorporates cutting-edge technologies offering an exceptional driving experience, no matter the weather conditions.

  • High-speed stability thanks to the solid center rib.
  • Fast water dispersal and improved handling on wet, snowy, and dry conditions due to unidirectional grooves.
  • Reduced rolling resistance and lower fuel consumption, thanks to the two all-purpose ribs separated by a narrow groove from two rows of blocks.

High-Speed Stability

The ZTR20 features a solid center rib, a technology specifically designed to ensure unmatched stability at high speeds. This characteristic ensures a precise response to steering, thus providing increased safety and a more enjoyable driving experience, even under the most demanding conditions.

Performance on Wet, Snowy, and Dry Conditions

Thanks to its innovative unidirectional grooves, the ZTR20 ensures excellent water dispersal, significantly reducing the risk of aquaplaning. This technology also improves handling and stability on snowy and dry roads, ensuring safe and comfortable driving throughout the year.

Fuel Economy

The two all-purpose ribs, separated by a narrow groove from two rows of blocks, are designed to offer reduced rolling resistance. This feature lowers fuel consumption and contributes to a more ecological drive. The ZTR20 thus combines performance with environmental respect, meeting the needs of modern drivers concerned about their carbon footprint.