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Yokohama / iceGUARD G075

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iceGUARD G075


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About Yokohama iceGUARD G075

The Yokohama iceGUARD G075 is a major innovation in the iceGUARD range dedicated to crossovers and SUVs. Designed to face the rigors of the Canadian winter, this winter tire combines exceptional performance on ice and snow, wear resistance, and low rolling resistance for unparalleled driving comfort.

  • Ultimate Grip: Diagonal micro-grooves ensure optimal performance on ice, right from the first kilometers.
  • Wet Surface Traction: The tire's high-density compound stabilizes the tread blocks, ensuring optimal road contact and prolonged even wear.
  • Winter Traction: The 3-D sipes prevent uneven block deformation by supporting each other, thus maximizing the actual contact area and offering excellent performance on ice and snow.

The Yokohama iceGUARD G075 incorporates cutting-edge technologies to ensure your safety and comfort during the winter months. Its directional tread pattern design, high-density compound, and triple 3-D sipes are at the core of its remarkable performance.

Ultimate Grip with Diagonal Micro Grooves

These micro-grooves are designed to provide exceptional grip on ice from the first moment. They allow the G075 to deliver safe and reliable traction, with no break-in period necessary.

Optimized Wet Traction Thanks to High-Density Compound

This innovative compound stabilizes the tread blocks, resulting in optimized road contact and more uniform wear. This extends the tire's lifespan while maintaining consistent grip on wet roads.

Exceptional Winter Performance with 3-D Sipes

The unique structure of the G075's 3-D sipes supports each tread block, preventing their uneven deformation. This design ensures maximum contact area, essential for reliable grip on ice and snow.

By choosing the Yokohama iceGUARD G075, you opt for cutting-edge technology, increased safety, and superior driving comfort to confidently face Canadian winters.