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Yokohama / BluEarth WINTER V905

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BluEarth WINTER V905


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About Yokohama BluEarth WINTER V905

The BluEarth Winter V905 from Yokohama is a premium, environmentally friendly winter tire manufactured with the comfort and safety of drivers of high-performance sports cars, sedans and coupes in mind.

  • A premium performance winter tire
  • Provides safe handling in all winter weather conditions
  • More flexibility in low temperatures

BluEarth Winter V905 tires are marked with the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol (3PMSF), which means they meet industry standards and requirements for driving in snowy conditions.

Its specialized, premium silica compound, infused with orange oil, gives it extra flexibility and allows it to grip the road no matter the weather.

The BluEarth Winter V905 offers excellent grip on wet roads thanks to the wide oblique grooves that promote efficient evacuation to minimize the risk of hydroplaning. 

The BluEarth Winter V905 has three-dimensional sipes that allow the blocks to maintain their rigidity and create sharper edges, providing greater traction in snow and a better grip on ice.

The Yokohama Winter BluEarth V905 is a well-designed, high-performance tire that delivers on its promise of maximum winter traction on both snow and ice.