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Summer / 4 seasons

Uniroyal / Power Paw AS

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Power Paw AS

Summer / 4 seasons

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About Uniroyal Power Paw AS

Uniroyal's Power Paw AS is an ultra-high performance all-season tire designed for passenger cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs), providing long life and exceptional performance.

  • A 4-season tire that provides long and even wear
  • Ensures a more comfortable and safe driving experience
  • It has a distinctive design that provides a more stable and quiet ride

The Power Paw AS is known for its long life, excellent performance in all weather conditions and affordable price.

The Power Paw AS features Uniroyal's patented "DuraShield" construction, which includes two steel belts reinforced with a spiral-wound nylon cover. This contributes to durability and stability at high speeds, as well as protection against punctures and impacts.


The tire also features Comfort Control technology developed by Uniroyal engineers, which uses computer-optimized tread design and construction to reduce road noise and vibration for a smoother, more comfortable ride.


The Power Paw AS is specifically designed to provide reliable performance in a wide range of weather conditions, including light snow and rain. Its all-season tread pattern features wide circumferential grooves and numerous biting edges, which contribute to traction on wet and slippery roads. The tire is also designed to resist hydroplaning and provide safe wet handling.


Overall, the Uniroyal Power Paw AS is a smart choice for drivers looking for a reliable, durable and affordable all-season tire for their passenger car or SUV.


Since its inception in 1868, Uniroyal has continued to improve its products to ensure exemplary handling and competitive pricing.