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Summer / 4 seasons

Sailun Tire / Terramax HLT-C

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Sailun Tire
Terramax HLT-C

Summer / 4 seasons

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About Sailun Tire Terramax HLT-C

The Sailun TerraMax HLT-C tire is a specially designed evolution for commercial light trucks, meeting the demands of professional use throughout the year. Building on the success of the TerraMax HLT, this commercial version slightly modifies the tread pattern to maximize weight carrying capabilities. Designed for commercial deliveries and demanding regional applications, the TerraMax HLT-C combines a reinforced carcass and bead assembly for increased durability.

  • Road Noise Reduction: Its tread pattern effectively reduces noise, thereby offering a quiet driving experience.
  • Large Contact Area: The tread blocks increase the contact area, thus improving overall handling and tread wear.
  • Wide Channeling Grooves: 4 extra-wide grooves facilitate water evacuation, ensuring reliable traction for confident driving.

Technologies and Performance

The TerraMax HLT-C incorporates advanced technologies to meet the needs of light commercial vehicles in all weather conditions. Its optimized tread pattern not only significantly reduces noise but also improves stability and safety on wet surfaces thanks to its wide channeling grooves. The special composition of the rubber compound, combined with an environmentally friendly production process, guarantees even wear and extended tire life.

Vehicle Compatibility

Perfectly suited for a wide range of light trucks and commercial vehicles, the TerraMax HLT-C is ideal for models such as the Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, or Ram Promaster. It is the preferred choice for professionals requiring a reliable, durable, and high-performing tire, capable of withstanding the rigors of intensive use throughout the year.

With the Sailun TerraMax HLT-C tire, opt for a sustainable mobility solution that effectively combines safety, performance, and environmental respect. Choose a tire designed to meet the challenges of commercial transport, no matter the conditions.