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Summer / 4 seasons

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Edge Touring A/S

Summer / 4 seasons

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About Kelly Tires Edge Touring A/S

Introducing the Kelly Edge Touring A/S tire, the perfect companion for your SUV or sedan, designed to meet the challenges of all seasons. This premium tire is your ally for safe daily driving, offering exceptional traction whether on dry, wet, or snowy roads. Its enhanced longevity and driving comfort make it the perfect choice for drivers looking for uncompromised reliability.

  • All-Season Traction: Tread block edges designed to provide all-season traction in wet, dry, and snowy conditions.
  • Wet Traction: Sweeping grooves help channel water and slush away from the tread for enhanced grip.
  • Long Tread Life: Robust angled tread blocks stabilize the tire's footprint to promote long tread wear.

Technologies and Performance

With its symmetrical tread pattern, the Edge Touring A/S ensures confident handling and a smooth ride, making every journey a pleasure, regardless of the weather conditions. The advanced tire design combines aesthetics and functionality, ensuring consistent performance and increased safety for drivers and their passengers.

Vehicle Compatibility

Perfect for a wide range of vehicles, from family sedans to dynamic SUVs, the Edge Touring A/S perfectly fits a variety of brands and models, turning every mile into a moment of comfort and tranquility. Ideal for vehicles such as the Honda CR-V, Toyota Camry, Ford Explorer, and many others, this tire is designed to maximize your driving experience by combining durability and performance.

Enjoy the 105,000 km longevity warranty and the 45-day satisfaction guarantee from Kelly for the Edge Touring A/S, offering you peace of mind to explore new horizons. Choose the Kelly Edge Touring A/S for an all-season adventure characterized by safety, comfort, and unmatched performance.