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Hankook / Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616)

Discover all available Hankook Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616) tires

Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616)


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About Hankook Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616)

The Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616) from Hankook is a winter tire for SUVs and passenger vehicles. It offers excellent winter driving quality thanks to its robust construction and outstanding traction performance in all Canadian weather conditions.

  • Optimized block design for enhanced performance on ice and snow;
  • Unsurpassed road holding and handling;
  • A tire that optimally evacuates water to avoid aquaplaning situations


The Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616) features a high-density directional tread pattern that improves traction and grip on snowy and icy roads. Its wide lateral grooves facilitate the evacuation of water and slush, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.

The compound used in the Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616) design remains flexible in cold weather, enabling it to maintain its grip and stability, even in challenging winter conditions.

The blocks feature 3D technology that minimizes tread movement, enhancing vehicle control.

The Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616) improves steering responsiveness and precision for confident driving thanks to the central rib and optimized block stiffness.

Hankook engineers have incorporated new noise-reduction technology into the Winter i*cept IZ2 (W616) tire, offering a quieter, more comfortable driving experience.

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