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Summer / 4 seasons

Goodyear / Wrangler HT

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Wrangler HT

Summer / 4 seasons

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About Goodyear Wrangler HT

Goodyear's Wrangler HT is a four-season tire used as original equipment on Chevrolets, Fords and many other automakers. The Wrangler HT ensures longer tread life, which is designed to provide year-round traction and handling.

  • A solid center rib provides a comfortable ride
  • A tire that provides excellent traction on dry roads
  • The cornering grip is very good

The Wrangler HT is Goodyear's all-season tire for heavy-duty trucks and full-size vans.

The Wrangler HT features an all-season tread compound and a symmetrical tread pattern that increases dry traction and cornering grip. 

The tire's center rib improves steering response and gives the tire added stability when accelerating or braking.

The Wrangler HT's four deep grooves evacuate water from under the tire and improve wet handling by reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Its side grooves are designed to improve traction on light snow in winter.

The Wrangler HT is widely used as original equipment and popular as a replacement tire. Goodyear has done an excellent job with dry traction and cornering performance on this tire while creating a tire with responsive steering and good versatility.