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Goodyear / WinterCommand Ultra

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WinterCommand Ultra


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About Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra

The Goodyear WinterCommand Ultra is a winter tire for passenger cars and CUVs.

Comfortable driving, optimal traction and maximum power

Goodyear unveils its most performing tire to date with the WinterCommand Ultra. It features new technological innovations designed to provide drivers with the safest and most comfortable ride, even in the harshest winter conditions. Thanks to its design, the WinterCommand Ultra offers drivers one of the best tires for wet handling performance, wet cornering grip and deep water hydroplaning capabilities.

Exceptional handling in wet conditions

The new WinterCommand Ultra sets the standard for wet performance. Its integrated V-Tred and ActiveGrip technologies feature hydrodynamic grooves to maximize water, slush and snow evacuation without compromising ride comfort and exceptional handling and traction. Also, both the Active Block Cuts and Adaptive SipeGrip technologies provide superior grip power in slippery conditions caused by rain, snow and ice.

Ride comfort and maximum power performance

The WinterCommand Ultra offers drivers one of the most comfortable driving experiences thanks to its Cryo-Adaptative rubber compound technology engineered to provide flawless and improved pliability and flexibility, especially in icy weather conditions. This allows for optimal grip to maximize traction and elevate starting and stopping power in winter driving conditions.

Made to resist the harshest weather conditions

The WinterCommand Ultra’s new block structure design provides drivers with quieter and safer rides, thanks to better traction in all winter conditions. Engineered to be more durable and withstand harsh conditions, it offers an increased tread life.