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About Goodyear WinterCommand

The Goodyear WinterCommand is a studdable winter tire for owners of sedans, crossovers, SUVs and light trucks. This tire was designed specifically for driving in harsh weather conditions such as snow and heavy rain.

  • Unfailing grip
  • Easy passage through standing water, eliminating the risk of hydroplaning
  • A safer tire on snow and ice

The Winter Command is manufactured from a special winter compound to maintain flexibility and provide safe traction in low temperatures.

Tackle all conditions with innovative tread designs featuring three distinct tread patterns. The compound is moulded into a directional tread with deep grooves to help drivers cope with ice, snow, and severe winter conditions.

Wide lateral notches and full depth zigzag sipes to help channel slush and standing water away from the contact patch create thousands of biting edges for optimal grip in snow and ice.

The tire's internal structure includes two steel belts on a polyester carcass to combine strength and ride quality.

If you want to face the rigours of winter with a better grip, add the optional studs that will allow your vehicle to maintain good power when starting and better braking on snow or ice for the life of the tire.

WinterCommand tires meet stringent industry requirements and carry the mountain and snowflake symbol.