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Summer / 4 seasons

Falken / ZIEX S/TZ05

Discover all available Falken ZIEX S/TZ05 tires


Summer / 4 seasons

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About Falken ZIEX S/TZ05

The Ziex S/TZ05 from Falken is a four-season tire designed for sports trucks and SUVs. It features the latest technology for optimal performance in all seasons, including snow.

  • Its behaviour on dry and wet roads is remarkable. 
  • Steering is quick and responsive 
  • It provides a quiet and comfortable ride 

The ZIEX S/TZ05 is made with a silica-based tread compound, which translates into exceptional traction in all weather conditions.

The Ziex S/TZ05 all-season tread compound is M+S rated.

The Ziex S/TZ05 has a non-directional 5-rib tread pattern that improves traction on wet and dry roads.

Wet handling is enhanced by the dual tapered tread blocks that add to the tire's appeal and channel more water under the tread, reducing the risk of hydroplaning.

Wider shoulder blocks provide additional stiffness for better traction and better overall tread wear.