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All Falken WILDPEAK A/T4W tires

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About Falken WILDPEAK A/T4W

Discover the brand new Falken A/T4W tire, a true feat of off-road engineering designed to tackle the most extreme challenges, from rocky trails to snowy roads. This all-terrain tire is specially crafted to meet the demands of modern drivers. Whether you're traversing steep trails or navigating snowy roads, the Falken A/T4W is your trusted partner for safe and worry-free driving.

  • Duraspec Three Ply Sidewall technology for enhanced durability and resistance

  • HD sizes for improved towing capacity

  • Engineered for extreme snow conditions with severe-snow certification.

The Falken A/T4W is tailored to meet the needs of full-size truck, van, and SUV drivers, providing reliable traction on a variety of surfaces, both on and off-road. Equipped with the exclusive Duraspec Three Ply Sidewall technology, this tire offers exceptional resistance to damage from off-road obstacles, ensuring long-term durability. Heavy Duty (HD) sizes add an extra layer of toughness, offering enhanced towing capacity for heavier vehicles.

In addition to its durability, the A/T4W is also designed to excel in the harshest winter conditions. With its severe-snow certification, this tire delivers exceptional traction on snow and ice, ensuring safe and secure driving in winter. Full-depth sipes ensure consistent grip throughout the tire's lifespan, while enhanced heat diffusion technology helps maintain performance even in extreme conditions.

In summary, the Falken A/T4W is the ideal choice for drivers seeking a reliable, durable, and high-performing all-terrain tire capable of handling any driving conditions, from off-road adventures to snowy winter roads.