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Summer / 4 seasons

Falken / AZENIS RT615K+

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Summer / 4 seasons

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All Falken AZENIS RT615K+ tires

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About Falken AZENIS RT615K+

Designed for performance compact cars, sports coupes, sports sedans and race cars, Falken Tire's AZENIS RT615K+ is the enthusiast's choice for proven performance in competition, from the track to the street.

  • Its high-tension frame increases handling and stability at high speeds
  • Its rubber mix adapted for competition offers excellent traction on our roads.
  • Azenis RT615K+ is a new evolution of the Extreme Performance summer tire

Developed for drivers concerned about maximum performance, the AZENIS RT615K+ model has won several races. The AZENIS RT615K+ benefits from an improved compound composition through digital engineering and nanotechnology formulation for better grip and excellent road holding.

Utilizing the proven internal construction and asymmetrical motorsport-inspired tread pattern, the Azenis RT615K+ features the latest Falken compound targeted for extreme summer performance. This new compound is designed to meet the increased performance expectations of racing drivers with improved dry grip.

On the track, the AZENIS RT615K+ has an ultimate grip in warm, dry and wet conditions. Its features allow drivers to push their vehicle to its limits in a safe, closed-circuit environment. On the road, the construction of the high-tension tire casing offers increased durability.

Its asymmetrical tread pattern and a rubber compound designed by specialized engineers ensure exceptional performance on both the track and the country's roads.

Inner circular grooves and serrated tread blocks help evacuate water from the contact patch, improving wet traction and aquaplaning resistance.

Extreme care must be taken with the following warning. Suppose Extreme Performance summer tires are exposed to temperatures of -7C or lower. In that case, they must be able to gradually return to temperatures of at least 5°C for at least 24 hours before being subjected to any stress. The flexibility of the specialized rubber compounds used in Extreme Performance Summer tires is sensitive to cold temperatures.

Cold weather can lead to tire cracking and damage not covered by the warranty.