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Summer / 4 seasons

Falken / AZENIS FK450 A/S

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Summer / 4 seasons

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About Falken AZENIS FK450 A/S

Specifically designed for today's premium sport coupes and sedans, the Falken AZENIS FK450 All-Season tire incorporates advanced technology to achieve an exceptional balance of handling, high-speed stability, and reliable year-round traction. Available in 48 sizes ranging from 16 to 20 inches, this model covers 68% of luxury sports vehicles, making the FK450 A/S an essential choice for demanding drivers.

  • 4D NANO DESIGN Technology: Incorporates new compound advancements using biomass materials to enhance tread flexibility and adhesion while reducing polymer heat generation.
  • Tension Control Technology (TCT): A proprietary casing mold shape that provides a more flexible middle sidewall area to absorb shocks, while enhancing handling capabilities through the rigid outer shoulder tread and bead area of the sidewall.
  • Asymmetric Rib and Block Hybrid Type Design: Allows for quick vehicle response, enhanced maneuverability, and superior on-road feel.

4D NANO DESIGN Technology

The AZENIS FK450 A/S features 4D Nano Design technology, utilizing advancements in biomass material compositions to enhance tread flexibility. This innovation allows for improved adhesion while reducing heat generated by polymers, extending tire life and optimizing performance under all conditions.

Tension Control Technology (TCT)

This patented technology features a more flexible median sidewall that effectively absorbs shocks while maintaining a rigid outer tire area for increased control during maneuvers and improved steering response. This results in a smoother, more stable driving experience, even at high speeds.

Asymmetric Rib and Block Hybrid Type Design

This unique design ensures immediate and precise vehicle response, increasing maneuverability and responsiveness on the road. The asymmetry of the design also allows for more even wear and better cornering performance, ensuring maximum safety for both driver and passengers.