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Summer / 4 seasons

Cooper Tires / Zeon LTZ

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Cooper Tires
Zeon LTZ

Summer / 4 seasons

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About Cooper Tires Zeon LTZ

Cooper's Zeon LTZ is a revolutionary four-season hybrid tire that combines off-road traction with sporty street performance. Designed for truck and SUV drivers, this model features an aggressive tread design that immediately catches the eye and turns heads.

  • A hybrid between a sport truck tire and an off-road tire
  • Offers excellent handling
  • Rubber reinforcement in the sidewalls to protect the rims

The aggressive Zeon LTZ can handle mud, rocks and sand while offering excellent driving and handling capabilities.

The Zeon LTZ's tough tread compound features a serrated shoulder design that alternately cuts and shifts the lugs for better traction on sand, mud and soft gravel.

Circular grooves and transverse grooves work together to shed water under the tire and reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

What may come as a surprise is the quality of comfort offered by the Zeon LTZ. The tread has staggered blocks that help reduce road noise. 

The stability offered by the Zeon LTZ allows for more even tread wear, which translates into longer life.

Inside the tire, two steel belts are reinforced with spiral-wound nylon for added strength and durability. 

The Zeon LTZ is available with optional E-loads for heavy-duty use. 

The Zeon LTZ is a comfortable ride for an AT tire. The biggest drawback is its performance on hard-packed snow or ice. 

Overall, if you're looking for a sporty off-road tire on and off-road, this is a great choice that won't disappoint. Get it at PMCtire.com