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About Cooper Tires Discoverer Snow Claw

The Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw is a studdable winter tire made for pickup trucks and SUVs.

Extreme traction, technologically superior and highly reliable

The Discoverer Snow Claw is the latest addition to the Cooper Tire winter tire collection. This latest offering has been designed to provide drivers with greater safety and grip on snowy and icy roads and greater resistance to extreme winter conditions and cold weather. This is reflected in the Three Peak Mountain and Snowflake (3PMSF) presence, visible on the sidewall of the tires. Finally, while replacing the Discoverer M+S and Cooper Tire's third addition this winter, the Discoverer Snow Claw is available in 23 sizes from 16 to 22 inches.

Gripping, handling and braking made stronger

Thanks to its new Snow Groove technology, the Discoverer Snow Claw will never be afraid of snow build-up and entanglement. The tire is designed to hold snow in the grooves, improving traction, steering and braking power.

Road-proofed every way

Cooper Tire made sure that its newest model in the winter tire lineup would stand up to all winter conditions on any road, no matter where drivers would want to face the toughest conditions possible. The Discoverer Snow Claw has been rigorously road-tested in four countries on three continents. The tire has been built to remain flexible even in freezing weather and has been designed to allow extra studs to provide more traction if needed.

Unmatched On-Ice Performance

Winter and its extreme cold and icy conditions will never bother drivers again with the addition of the Discoverer Snow Claw to the market. This tire is designed to give drivers confidence on the road by incorporating a rigid center rib and its D-Squared siping technology, improving safety in the snow while helping drivers cope with winter conditions. The Snow Claw is an excellent option for everyday commuters who want to tackle severe conditions such as snowy, unmaintained roads.