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Summer / 4 seasons

Cooper Tires / Cobra Radial G/T

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Cooper Tires
Cobra Radial G/T

Summer / 4 seasons

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About Cooper Tires Cobra Radial G/T

Cooper's Cobra Radial G/T is an all-season tire designed for owners of muscle cars, kit cars, light trucks and street rods who want a performance tire with white lettering that combines handling and comfort on the road.

  • Designed to withstand irregular wear while providing solid all-season performance
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Vintage looks and top-notch performance

The Cobra Radial G/T is built for a smooth, quiet ride and year-round traction in dry, wet and light snow.

The Cobra Radial G/T features an aggressive tread pattern and a flat profile that improves the overall shape of the footprint. The result is better handling, and more even tread wear.

Ride quality is optimized by the two steel belts located inside the tread. They also provide increased durability and stability at higher speeds.

The wide circumferential grooves and open shoulder slots effectively evacuate water from the footprint to resist hydroplaning while providing a solid contact patch feel.

The Cobra G/T is designed to look good rather than perform. Sure, you'll find good grip and traction in the dry, but that's not really why most car and truck owners buy this tire. The classic muscle car era looks and feels that this tire offers and the raised white lettering.

Cooper guarantees the Cobra G/T for 80,000 km. Check with the manufacturer for details.