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Continental / VancoWinter 2

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VancoWinter 2

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About Continental VancoWinter 2

Continental's VancoWinter 2 is a winter tire that provides exceptional traction for commercial vehicles and vans carrying heavy loads.

  • Safe performance on wet roads and adequate protection against hydroplaning
  • Provides fuel savings
  • Improved braking ability on icy and/or snowy roads

VancoWinter 2 tires feature rugged construction and a special winter traction compound molded into a symmetrical three-groove tread with large drainage channels for efficient slush and water evacuation, increasing on-road traction and hydroplaning resistance.

Numerous peripheral and center ribs combine to maximize handling in snow and braking in snow and ice.

A flat cross-sectional contour optimizes footprint for even wear and longer life

The robust sidewall construction includes two polyester carcass plies, while two reinforced steel belts support the VancoWinter 2's tread to ensure high cornering stability and load capacity.

The VancoWinter 2 tires meet the industry's severe snow requirements and are marked with the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol (3PMSF).