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Hercules Tires - Avalanche TT

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Dimensions : 225 / 75 / R 16 / 115Q
  • Cloutable
  • Renforcé (XL)
  • Camion Léger (LT)
  • Pneu d'hiver
Hercules Tires - Avalanche TT - LT225/75R16 E 115/112Q BSW

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218,34 CA$

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Hercules Tires - Avalanche TT - LT225/75R16 E 115/112Q BSW

The Avalanche TT replaces the Avalanche® X-treme LT and is a studdable tire designed specifically for medium to heavy-duty pickup trucks, larger SUVs and cargo vans.

Superior grip and traction, enhanced braking performance and a responsive and comfortable ride

The new addition to the Hercules Tire Avalanche line is their new state-of-the-art model for drivers who want to face the toughest winters with its Snow Grip technology and new design features. The Avalanche TT offers 23 sizes from 16" to 22" as well as optional extra studs. It replaces the Avalanche® X-treme LT and offers a better grip in snow and ice than its predecessor, in addition to a significantly quieter ride.

Flawless driving in snow conditions

Winters will never again be a challenge for drivers who choose the Avalanche TT. Its unique Snow Grip technology guarantees a flawless driving experience, even in the most difficult conditions of snow, ice and slush. The new zigzag circumferential grooves provide greater traction, while the thinner gauges and deeper sipes offer an increased grip with steeper edges that help in grabbing snow and ice.

Optimal braking capabilities

With its brand-new design, the TT is designed to give drivers peace of mind with its new Snow-Grabber Grooves, which provide optimum traction to prevent snow ins, as well as fulfilling the Hercules Performance Promise with its enhanced braking capabilities.

Driving responsiveness and comfort

The TT features an improved design such as upgraded centre ribbed tie bars, providing constant feedback to the driver for a more stable feel or the new silica tread compound designed to allow better grip and flexibility on ice in colder conditions for more reactive handling and increased wet traction. Not to mention the optimized tire profile and void-to-rubber ratio adjusted to ensure smooth and even road contact for a quiet and comfortable ride.

Additional benefits

The TT comes with the Hercules Performance Promise Plan that provides drivers with Road Hazard Coverage, a 45-day “Trust our Ride” satisfaction trial and Workmanship and Materials coverage. It also has the 3PMS designation.

The Michelin X-Ice SNOW complies with Quebec's Bill 42

Informations complémentaires

Conditions N/D
SKU H01771
Produits apparentés N/D
Manufacturier Hercules Tires
Modèle Avalanche TT
Poids 34.5400
Rapport de section 75
Diamètre de jante 16
Largeur du pneu 225
Qualités du pneu Camion Léger (LT), Cloutable, Pneu d'hiver, Renforcé (XL)
Capacité de charge 10/E = 80 PSI
Cote de vitesse Q = 100mph / 160km/h
Type de pneu LT
Pneu homologué pour l'hiver Oui
Usage Hiver
Pneu Cloutable Oui
Commentaires N/D
Indice de charge 115 = 2679lbs / 1215kg
Capacité de charge minimale 112 = 2470lbs / 1120kg
Largeur minimale de jante N/D
Équipement d'origine N/D
Diamètre Hors-Tout N/D
Largeur recommandée de jante N/D
Lettrage sur le flanc BSW
Profondeur originale de la sculture 16.5/32
Largeur du pneu à l'épaule N/D
Type de lettrage sur le flanc BSW
Pneu technologie verte N/D
Pneu renforcé Oui
Pneu Technologie roule à plat Non
Cote de durabilité UTQG N/D
Offres N/D