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The advantages of mounting winter tires on a different set of wheels


Most Canadians agree that having a different set of wheels and tires for winter is good for safety, if not a necessity.

However, there are still drivers who are not convinced, which begs the question. Is it necessary to have a different set of wheels and tires for winter?

Generally speaking, having a different set of wheels and tires is practical and saves money in the long run.

In fact, despite the initial cost of purchasing an extra set of wheels, it is probably more economical to have two separate sets for different seasons.

Using different sets of wheels is an effective way to reduce unnecessary tire wear, and even if you have to invest more upfront, you'll reap many benefits in the long run.

Faster and less expensive

We understand that not everyone has the budget or space for a second set of tires, but there are several advantages.

The second set of wheels on which you mount your winter tires minimizes tire wear. Mounting, dismounting and balancing your tires and wheels at the beginning and end of each season often causes tire bead wear and can result in loss of air pressure. A tire is the first contact between the vehicle and the road.

Therefore, it is essential for optimum performance (handling, traction, braking), but above all, your tire pressure is maintained at the level recommended by the manufacturer. Having a second set of wheels will significantly increase your tires' longevity and integrity.

To save time and money

To determine if an extra set of wheels is a good investment for your particular situation, you need to start by asking yourself one question: how long will you keep your vehicle?

If you plan to keep the same car for at least three years, the second set of wheels is definitely worth purchasing. The reason is straightforward. With this extra set of wheels, you won't have to pay for mounting and balancing each season, which costs $100 to $160 twice a year.

Plus, with a dedicated set of winter wheels, it will only cost you $50 to $70 to install them on your vehicle, and you'll spend less time in the garage! In the end, you'll save twice a year. And after three years, your investment will pay for itself.

Here's a simple calculation to show how an extra set of wheels can help you save money:

With one set of wheels:

The average cost for mounting, dismounting and balancing x Several times a year x Number of years with the same vehicle.

120 x 2 times per year x 4 years = $960

With two sets of wheels:

The average cost for 4 steel wheels + (Average cost to change the wheels x Number of times per year x Number of years with the same vehicle)

300 + ($60 x 2 times per year x 4 years) = $780 A savings of $180 after 4 years

To increase the life of your wheels

Wheels rust in the winter because sand and salt from the road accelerate corrosion and damage the finish. Steel wheels, which typically cost a third of the price of high-end alloy wheels, are easy to refurbish, and you won't feel as bad when they start to rust.

In summary, buying a second set of wheels is an excellent decision if you plan to drive the same vehicle for more than three years. While it may seem like a significant expense, that extra set of wheels will make your life easier, minimize wear on your tires and wheels, and save you money.

One thing you can't compromise on is safety. Winter tires are essential when temperatures drop below 7 degrees, especially on ice, snow and slush.

By mounting your winter tires on the second set of wheels, it's easier and more economical to switch between them when the season comes.