Wheel not included with the tire*


The WILDPEAK H/T02 from Falken is a four-season tire that redefines the off-road tire and offers outstanding performance and durability all year round. 

  • Its reinforced sidewalls reduce the risk of punctures and cuts.
  • A tire that ensures greater maneuverability and stability when towing.
  • Its four longitudinal grooves are designed to evacuate water more quickly

Featuring a rigid block tread and a tough sidewall, the WILDPEAK H/T02 is designed to meet and exceed the demands of light truck drivers.

The tread provides excellent maneuverability and stability when towing heavy loads. 

The advanced 4D Nano Design and 3D Canyon Sipe technologies developed by Falken engineers demonstrate their commitment to excellence. The WILDPEAK H/T02 tires offer a superior ride, no matter the season.

The WILDPEAK H/T02 features four grooves that drain water from the tire footprint, helping reduce hydroplaning risk.

After rigorous testing on ¾-ton pickup trucks, all LT sizes of the WILDPEAK H/T02 have earned an "HD" symbol on the tire's sidewall, highlighting the "Heavy Duty" construction with which these tires were built.