Wheel not included with the tire*


BFGoodrich's Advantage T/A Sport LT is BFGoodrich's all-new winter-approved, four-season passenger tire for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers. It will appeal to those looking for improved handling and responsiveness while adding fun to everyday driving and reliability in all weather conditions.

  • A high-performance tire that lets you enjoy the road in all curves and all-weather conditions.
  • High grip on dry, wet or lightly snow-covered roads
  • Features the pictogram "mountain with three peaks and a snowflake" on its flank

The BFGoodrich Advantage T/A Sport LT offers excellent traction in all weather conditions, including dry, wet and winter conditions, thanks to its 3D Active Sipe technology.

The tire does not lose its excellent grip in colder winter temperatures because the snowflake and The three-peaked mountain symbol is located on the sidewall. This symbol indicates that the tires meet Transport Canada's specific snow traction requirements and are designed for use in snow and cold weather.

With its "Aqua-Flume" technology and slightly corrugated center rib and lateral tread grooves, excess water between the roadway and the tires are quickly dispersed to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

The continuous center rib, which ensures constant contact between the road and the tire, improves the tire's handling and responsiveness to driving.

The tread area wears evenly. This is due to the enlarged and optimized footprint area of the tire. The footprint has been designed to extend the tire's life, maintaining traction for a more extended period. It does not lose traction because the full depth tread characteristics maintain road grip and vehicle safety even when it is worn.

The Advantage T/A Sport LT tire does not deform under the pressure of different road conditions. This is made possible by the "G-Wedge" sidewall stabilizer that reinforces the tire's internal structure. This feature allows the tire to maintain its shape during cornering and maneuvering, improving driving safety and tire durability.