Wheel not included with the tire*


Uniroyal's Tiger Paw Ice and Snow 3 is the latest addition to its line of studdable winter tires designed for sedan, SUV and crossover drivers.

  • Robustness and safety in all winter conditions
  • A new compound for better traction in freezing weather
  • Moulded to be studded, where permitted by law

The Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3 is a value-priced winter tire that offers superior reliability in all winter conditions - ice, snow and wet.

This tire features the latest technology in winter tire technology. Its unique rubber compound is designed to remain flexible and adherent to the road surface in freezing weather.

With its high number of blocks on the tread and its 3D self-locking blocks on the shoulders, as well as its wide lateral grooves, this tire will provide excellently the grip on ice and snow.

Featuring the small pictogram of a three-peaked mountain with a snowflake inside, the Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3 can be studded for better grip on thicker ice, hard snow or deep snow.

The addition of silica in the tread compound gives this tire a significantly improved grip on wet pavement as well as snow and slush.

The patented "DuraShield" construction, which includes both steel belts and a two-ply polyester carcass, results in a smoother ride and superior comfort.

Whether it's freezing rain, snow, ice or hard-packed snow, this tire will get you safely to your destination.

The ride is comfortable for a winter tire, even in dry conditions and tread life is perfect.

Overall, the Tiger Paw Ice & Snow 3 ranks among the best-studded winter tires, especially considering its low cost.