Wheel not included with the tire*


The Potenza S007A from Bridgestone is an ultra-high performance four-season tire with run-flat capability. It is designed for sports car owners who want more grip and better braking on wet and dry surfaces.

  • Superior driving response and outstanding dry grip
  • An ultra-high performance all-season tire 
  • Explicitly developed for sporty vehicles 

It's important to mention that the Potenza S007A was designed based on construction and material technologies developed during Bridgestone's 14 seasons as the official tire supplier to Formula 1. 

This means that the tire is designed to offer outstanding performance and fuel efficiency by reducing rolling resistance and fuel consumption.

Thanks to the Potenza S007A's specially designed geometry configuration, you'll enjoy increased stability, control and responsiveness thanks to the low-angle sipes and wide center ribs in the tread. 

The Bridgestone Potenza S007A run-flat tire is designed to provide an exciting ride and keep you on the road safely longer.

The Potenza S007A is made with carbon, silica and rubber. It features an asymmetrical tread pattern with wide outer shoulders and includes "M" shaped sipes, reinforcing the tread blocks. This allows the tire to maintain optimal road contact and pressure and maximize tire life.

Some sizes are also equipped with a Kevlar siping that prevents excessive movement for excellent grip at high speeds.

The internal structure is designed to give you excellent cornering grip, even under severe load conditions. This is possible thanks to an internal structure that includes two steel belts reinforced by two layers of spirally wound nylon.

Despite all its technological innovations, this is a summer tire, and, like all summer tires, it is not designed for use in near-freezing temperatures; you cannot use it on ice or snow.

The improvement in wet handling is significant between the Bridgestone Potenza S001 and the S007A.