Wheel not included with the tire*


Bridgestone's Potenza RE050A is an ultra-high performance summer tire designed to optimize the capabilities of sports cars, coupes and sports sedans. 

  • Exceptional wet and dry grip   
  • The Potenza RE050A is a "beast" in the corners    
  • Durable with a design that ensures stability 

The Potenza RE050 is an original equipment model on the supercharged Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG sedan. A particular version, the Potenza RE050A Scuderia, is used on the 12-cylinder Enzo Ferrari supercar, and a Run Flat version is used on the BMW Z4 sports cars and 5 Series sedans.

The Potenza RE050A tread compound contains 90% silica and an asymmetric tread pattern. The tread blocks are very wide, and the continuous center rib provides a highly stable ride at high speeds and exceptional dry and wet traction.

Its continuous circular rib adjacent to the inner shoulder blocks improves wear quality to help reduce noise over the tire's life.

The Potenza RE050A's unique run-flat technology allows the tire to be driven at up to 80 km/h for 80 km in the event of a puncture.

Tread life is another strength of this model.

Inside, the Potenza RE050A features two steel belts reinforced with spiral-wound nylon to stabilize the tread area and improve handling and high-speed capabilities.

The RE050A offers high performance on wet and dry pavement, with outstanding traction and grip. Road noise is minimized, thanks in part to the circular ribs.

Its only downside, the Potenza RE050A is not designed to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, snow or ice.