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COVID-19 - Operation status and precautionary measures

PMCtire Operation Status

As of 27 May 2022, PMCtire’s activity remains operational:

  • Online Orders: Active
  • Customer Service: Active
  • Handling Operations: Active
  • Deliveries operated by our suppliers: Active

Precautionary Measure for COVID-19

Due to the situation regarding the emergence of COVID-19 and the requirements of the Public Health Agency of Canada, PMCtire has implemented strict measures within its company in order to comply with health safety guidelines and to be able to continue to operate and serve its customers.

Below you will find the various measures implemented by PMCtire to ensure compliance with health and safety measures, as well as information about the activities of the company and its multiple partners.

PMCtire, wishes to remind everyone that the safety and satisfaction of its customer is its top priority.

As a Canadian online store, PMCtire has been providing its fellow Canadians with the best service and support, and no matter the situation, the mission PMCtire has set for itself has and will never change. We wish to help drivers all across Canada to find the best tires and wheels and feel safe when shopping online on our Website, especially in those difficult times.

Sanitary commitments for PMCtire’s employees and facilities

PMCtire has taken actions on the following:

  • The reinforcement of employee hygiene, in particular good hand hygiene procedures in our facilities.
  • The monitoring of all team members’ health conditions.
  • The intensification of all our cleaning and sanitizing procedures
    • The disinfection of our equipments and materials during our daily operations.
    • The use of gloves by our handling staff and frequent disinfection of the assembly line.
  • Working closely with our suppliers and delivery partners to ensure frequent hand-washing and regular cleaning of their vehicles and delivery equipment. In addition, we expect them to reinforce hygiene measures within their premises and among their employees.
  • The establishment of remote work for all non-essential employees in the workplace.
  • The encouragement of our employees to practice social distancing, in order to reduce the potential risk of infection.

PMCtire’s core value: Customer Satisfaction

Even in these difficult times, our customer’s satisfaction remains our absolute priority, and all our efforts are made towards this goal.

Our dedicated Customer Service experts are there to help you get the answers you need, whether it’s to help you choose the right tires, and wheels for your vehicle, or to get information on the current status of PMCtire’s activity.

You can get the information you need by using our Contact Form, by using our chat, or by sending us an email at satisfaction@pmctire.com and one of our specialists will contact you within 24 hours.

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