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Winter Tires in Vancouver

Do You Need Winter Tires in Vancouver?

Are you living in Vancouver and wondering if you should buy winter tires? You might have seen it in the news lately: the City of Vancouver is considering making winter tires mandatory. In British Columbia, certain roads in mountainous terrain are accessible only to vehicles equipped with winter tires. But this legislation is not yet applicable everywhere in the province. However, winter driving in Vancouver – as with other cities on the “Wet Coast” – comes with its particular challenges. The combination of the closeness of the ocean, the temperature fluctuations, and the moisture in the air can create dangerous driving conditions.

Vancouver Map

A great number of citizens are against making winter tires in Vancouver mandatory, while others seem to think it would be a great move. From December to February last winter, Vancouver received 63.4 cm of snow. It might seem like nothing for the folks in Quebec, but it’s more snow than what they had in Toronto, Regina, or Saskatoon. For 42 consecutive days, the temperature in Vancouver was below 5°C. Winters like this one (with historic cold snaps and significant snowfall) should normally happen once every 30 years in Vancouver. But scientists say that, as a result of climate change, such winters could become more and more frequent. Of course, increased snow and ice make driving harder, but they also have several other consequences: blocked traffic, stuck vehicles, road accidents, to name a few.

All-Weather Tires or Winter Tires in Vancouver?

Even though winter tires seem to have grown in popularity in British Columbia over the last few years, they are still used by only 49% of the population, compared to 55% in Alberta, 65% in Ontario, and an impressive 81% in Atlantic Canada. Outside of Quebec, 68% of the Canadian population uses winter tires. So why is it that the other 32% of Canadians still do not use winter tires? Sure, buying a second set of tires is an additional expense, but it is worth it. A significant number of road accidents related to winter conditions have been reported over the years. But this number increased dramatically last winter when Vancouver received an unexpected quantity of snow. When the first snowstorm hits your city, you are going to be grateful you have winter tires.

Snow-Covered Car in Vancouver

During winter, it’s crucial that you drive slower and that you keep a safe distance between your car and others’. Although there might not be much snow in Vancouver, temperatures in the winter often go below 7oC. And that’s exactly when it is important to have winter tires in Vancouver because your tires’ performance is directly influenced by the temperature. Below 7oC, all-season and summer tires become stiffer because they are not adapted to such temperatures. That stiffness causes the tires to lose all traction power and reduces their braking performance, which can be life-threatening. And what about all-weather tires? Well, even if they have the mountain-and-snowflake icon, they do not offer the same performance as winter tires.

Winter tires, on the other hand, have softer rubber and a tread pattern that is specifically designed to perform optimally in cold temperatures. They offer optimal traction and reduced braking distance. They are much safer than all-weather tires when it comes to driving in snow and even on ice. Statistics say that braking performance is up to 62% better for vehicles with winter tires as compared to those with all-season tires. One may think that all-season tires are the best of both worlds. They may be in theory, but in reality, they aren’t. Even though they are marketed as being optimized for both cold and warm temperatures, they do not perform well in either summer or winter. They just barely pass the test.

Vancouver in the Winter

Why Buy Winter Tires in Vancouver?

One may think that all-season tires are the best of both worlds. They may be in theory, but in reality, they aren’t. Even though they are marketed as being optimized for both cold and warm temperatures, they do not perform as well as summer tires and winter tires in each respective season. All-weather tires have a stiffer rubber, which means they do not provide good traction on ice or snow. Moreover, their tread pattern is not adapted to winter. All-weather tires pass several tests to ensure they meet the security standards. The results of these tests determine if they get to be marked with the mountain and snowflake icon. All-weather tires barely pass the tests; winter tires get great results. You should think twice before you decide which to choose.

The best and safest solution is to use two sets of tires: summer tires and winter tires. There are two main reasons why some people don’t have two sets of tires: money and storage. However, these reasons are superficial. The amount you spend on winter tires, you save with the reduced wear on your summer tires.

Some think that, unlike two-wheeler vehicles, four-wheeler vehicles are equipped with several safety features that prevent them from slipping on icy roads. If you don’t have winter tires on your vehicle, its traction power is very low. Things like electronic stability control and anti-lock brake systems cannot be relied on as they do not work to their full potential in winter conditions. Winter tires are specifically designed to give your vehicle more traction on ice and snow-covered roads.

A lot of people think that it is okay to install only two tires winter tires, rather than four, on your vehicle. However, it’s not a good idea: the result would be too unpredictable and could endanger your life. You do not want to gamble with your life. If you don’t want the trouble of mounting and dismounting your tires every season, you can purchase a dedicated set of wheels for the winter. We have the largest selection of rims on the market: alloy wheels, replica wheels, and steel wheels. You don’t need a big budget: we have plenty of affordable steel wheels. Some alloy and replica wheels are not suitable for winter. You can install your new set of wheels with winter tires in Vancouver in the middle of November or when the temperatures drop below 7oC. When it gets warmer, around mid-April, you should remove your winter tires. Driving with winter tires during summer damages them. Instead, store your winter tires somewhere cool and dry, away from the sun. And most importantly, remember that having a second set of tires is not doubling the expense, it’s halving the wear.

When the weather becomes cold, a lot of people in Vancouver wonder if they should purchase a set of winter tires. Over the last few years, some Canadian areas have seen the average yearly snowfall rise considerably. Furthermore, the fact is that climate change could bring more powerful snowstorms and cause longer and more frequent cold snaps. On a lot of highways around Vancouver, it’s mandatory to have winter tires or all-weather tires. So, if you want to go away one weekend for a ski trip to Whistler, you better buy winter tires. Doing otherwise could cost you a ticket, or worse, your life. If you don’t know which winter tires to choose, check out our Top 5 of the best winter tires for guidance you can trust.

Why Buy Winter Tires Online?

Competitive Prices

We’re able to get better prices because we purchase wheels and tires in large quantities from our suppliers. Moreover, to ensure we get the lowest prices possible, we negotiate regularly. The most important thing for us is to simplify our customer’s purchase experience ... and we think that the first step should be to help you save money on tires and wheels. When buying on, not only do you pay less, but you also save on transport. As you may have noticed, we offer you free shipping almost everywhere in Canada. Furthermore, if you buy 4 tires and 4 wheels, you get your new tires installed on your new wheels for free! Then, we ship your package straight to your door. You will fall in love with our prices and your overall purchase experience!

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Shipping is free almost everywhere in Canada when you order 4 tires or wheels and more. Take advantage of our great prices, save on transport, and get your products delivered to your door quickly.

Affiliated Installers in Vancouver

As we mentioned before, here at PMCtire, we want to simplify your life. And that starts from the moment you select your new winter tires and continues until their installation at one of our affiliated installers. In 2010, we started building a list of affiliated installers located everywhere in Canada. We are the first tire-and-wheel e-commerce company in Canada to offer that kind of service. Our ever-growing list is made up of workshops that hire only the best and most professional technicians in the country. So, when you purchase tires and wheels on our website, you can count on one of our many affiliated installers to get the job done.

Our affiliated installers use only the best equipment to mount and to balance tires, including touchless tire-changers and electronic wheel-balancers. Moreover, they hire the best certified technicians to mount and dismount tires. Furthermore, if you need other mechanical services (e.g. wheel alignment, brake check, suspensions, electronic diagnostics, etc.), they will gladly help you.

We have eight affiliated installers located in the Greater Vancouver Area (Surrey, Barnaby, etc.). So, if you live in or around Vancouver, you can have your tires delivered to the affiliated installer you prefer, and they’ll take care of the installation. If you are used to going to a garage that is not on our list, you can also choose to have your tires and wheels delivered there ... or even at your office!

How Does It Work?

Select an Affiliated Installer

If you want to have your products delivered to a garage near you, then when you check out, enter your postal code (home or office) in the appropriate box. A list of the closest affiliated installers will appear so you can choose the one that is most convenient for you. Just select the affiliated installer you prefer, and its address will automatically be added as the delivery location for your tires and wheels. In most cases, shipping is free, but if any fees apply, you will be notified at the next step.

Has Your Order Shipped to Your Preferred Affiliated Installer?

After you select the affiliated installer you prefer, you finish checking out. Your new tires and wheels will automatically be shipped to the affiliated installer you have selected. A member of our customer service team will communicate with the installer you’ve chosen to make sure everything has been taken care of before they receive the shipment. You’ll receive a tracking number so you can follow your package, get an approximate idea of the delivery date, and get notified when the tires have arrived at your selected location.

Schedule an Appointment for the Installation

On the installer’s website, you will be given an approximate delivery date for your order. A minimum of 2 days before the approximate delivery date, communicate with the affiliated installer you have chosen to schedule an appointment for the installation (and any other services you might need).

Pay for the Installation

Each affiliated installer has its pricing for tire mounting, balancing, and installation. Keep in mind that there might be additional charges for the installation of run-flat tires, TPMS valves, etc. You will have to pay the amount due for mounting, balancing, and/or installation directly to the affiliated installer.

Make the Most of Your Visit

All of our affiliated installers have been chosen because of their top-notch tire- and wheel-installation equipment, their highly qualified technical staff, and the range of mechanical services they offer. When making an appointment with the affiliated installer you’ve chosen, you can always ask them for any other mechanical services you require. Affiliated installers are qualified to perform checkups and other necessary repairs!

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