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Wheels Alignment

Also called the 'tire geometry', wheel alignment ensures that all wheels of the vehicle pointing in the same direction. So you make sure that the car always behaves in a straight line and you do not have to fight to always bring it back on one side or another. The amendment case, uneven and irregularly rapid wear of your tires could develop in the long-term.

A default alignment is usually caused by an impact against a pothole, a rub on a curb chain or other impact with one or many wheels. It is important to note that the impact does not need to be huge in order to disrupt the alignment, even that an accumulation of impacts in the long run can be problematic.

In order to restore the alignment of the tires correctly, garages use a ramp and a software that evaluates all aspects surrounding the tires (suspension, brakes, wheels and tires) to detect any abnormality. The wheels can be adjusted four at once, or only the front wheels if the situation requires it. In such a case, it is ensured that the front wheels are aligned with the rear wheels to restore the geometry.

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