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Mags & Replica Wheels

Alloy Wheels and Replica Wheels

There are two broad categories of types of wheels that you can install on the vehicle; steel wheels and alloy wheels. Alloy wheels have certain advantages compared to steel wheels, and are divided into two categories: the ‘normal’ alloy wheels, and the 'replica' wheels.

Primarily, the rims are made, in most cases, of a mixture of materials at 94% aluminum, 4% silica, and 2% of other metals. They have the advantage of being lighter and stronger than steel wheels; give a more beautiful look; they generally allow better spacing to release the brakes (depending on the chosen wheel and brake systems); and they are much more durable in terms of the quality of finish.

Concerning the replica wheels, they all have the same characteristics, except that they are less 'universal'. As their name suggests, they are generally used to serve as replica wheels that come as original equipment on vehicles. One can recognize a replica wheel because it's the same or very similar as wheels from the car manufacturers, and they generally fit on the car without any installation kit (nuts/bolts, without centering rings). These wheels follow the original specifications of manufacturers, as the heart of the wheel is identical to the vehicle hub (see description of the wheel hubs). On our website, you will find replica wheels for your car in the DTD brands, RWC, Fast Replica, Replica and DAI.

Steel wheels

Steel wheels are part of the second category wheels that are found on the market. Although they are much less attractive and practical, they meet a different need for drivers.

Mainly used in winter, the fact that they are all tailor-made for your vehicle solve the problem of all of installation. All vehicles (except for sports cars) have a steel wheel which is centered on the heart and that only accepts the original nut.

The steel wheels are much more affordable wheels, which explains they are more frequently used in winter. Winter conditions tend to damage the finish of the wheels, especially on machined and chrome facades. You may prefer to see grow old and wear out your conventional black wheels rather than your beautiful set of alloy wheels, much more expensive!

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