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Centering Rings

Amendment case the wheel means is bigger than the heart of the vehicle, there are plastic centering rings to bridge the gap of the opening. Even if there is a difference of 7-15 mm, the effect of not putting centering rings will have a direct impact on vehicle operation (for any vehicle except trucks and SUVs). There may be a strong vibration felt.

The difference with truck or some SUVs is that they sometimes have six or eight studs, causing the difference in hearts to be absorbed by the extra studs, and because they are generally stronger than those of a sedan or hatchback coupe car.

Special cases of trucks and SUVs

Most trucks and SUVs have 6 or 8 pins, so it is easier to install the wheels and focus properly on the vehicle hub. Note that even if there is no centering rings throughout installation, there should not be any vibration problem, unlike sedans or coupes vehicles.

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