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Wheels / Mags Specifications

We offer some technical data for you to become familiar with the specific terms of wheels and rims (mags) which are complementary products to the tires. There are many types of wheels and they are made ​​of various materials. Moreover, wheels and rims require some maintenance to ensure better driving your vehicle, we will also speak about it.

Alloy wheels /Replicas Wheels, Take Off type Wheels

For full details of the wheel types, including those made of alloy and those called '' replicas '', visit this section. We present the advantages of these types of wheels and the elements and aspects of their manufacture. In the market, we find a third type of wheel called Take Off wheels. .They are wheels that have already been used, but in restricted conditions. For more information about this, visit this section.

Specific terms

To better understand the usefulness and the importance of several components on wheels, refer to this section. We provide information on the wheel offset which is the distance between the portion of the core of the wheel and the centerline of the wheel (see 3 types of offset), the bolt circle, which includes four possibilities of sizes (see conversion table), the wheel center bore compared to the vehicle hub for a perfect centering, the difference between bolts and nuts and the consequences if they are not adapted for vehicles and finally, the need of the rings centering.

Wheel alignment

A critical maintenance to be performed on the wheels is,without a doubt, is the alignment, also known under the name of “geometry”. Ideally, you need to do this maintenance before you notice your car tends inward or outward instead of a straight direction of movement. It should normally be done at the same frequency than your tire rotation, every 10 000 km approximately. We indicate the elements likely to unbalance the alignment and what has to be has to restore everything and bring alignment to normal.

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