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TPMS Valves

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

What are the sensors?

Intergrated at the beginning of 2009 in North America, the monitoring system is an electronic system built-in with the vavles that is constantly watching the tire pressure of your vehicle. It transmits information to the driver on a regular basis, and informs him when the pressure in one (or many) tire is below the recommandations of the manufacturer.

The objective of the TPMS is to strengthen the driver’s security and reducing the number of accidents related to cars. An incorrect tire pressure can increase your braking distance and affects the overall performance of your car in turns.

By making sure the pressure is satisfying in each of your tires, the TPMS not only allows you to feel more secure, but it also:

  • Helps increasing the energitic efficiency of your car by stopping the fuel over-consumption dur to a bad pressure in the tires.
  • Decreases the tread wear of the tires, keeping their grip to the road for a better control of your car
  • Finally, the manuel pressure controls are no longer required since electronic signals are sent immediately to the car’s in-board computer.
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