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Best 2020 Models of Pickup Highway Tires

Black Ford F150 with pickup highway tires

Our Experts - Your Choice

Pickup Highway tires are meant for SUVs and Pickups as well as for the drivers who want to combine wet and dry performance with high-load capacity. Although they are not suitable for extreme winter conditions, they can be fit for lightly snow-covered roads where temperatures can drop as low as -7 degrees Celsius. These tires are made for vehicles such as the Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F150, Dodge Ram, GMC Sierra 1500, Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma and many more.

They are designed to offer the driving comfort and quietness of all-season tires with a sporty character that reinforces the robustness of heavy-duty vehicles. Versatile, they offer a subtle blend of durability and functionality. Good traction on all surfaces, great handling and stability at high speeds and even wear, designed to support heavy loads. All for longer tread life.

Each of the models in this selection has been chosen by our experts to help you make your choice from among the dozens of models available on the market for your vehicle. We have listed them for you with their main qualities, available dimensions and starting price.

Best Sellers

  1. Pirelli
    Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II
    Pirelli Scorpion Verde All Season Plus II
    • Great handling and stability in wet, snow and dry conditions
    • Comfortable and quiet driving with an optimized structure

    Diameter: 16" to 22"

    Starting at CA$147.15

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  2. Continental
    CrossContact LX25
    Continental CrossContact LX25
    • Best-in-class tread life with superior performance
    • Designed for a confident and safe driving experience

    Diameter: 16" to 22"

    Starting at CA$172.13

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  3. Firestone
    Destination LE3
    Firestone Destination LE3
    • Maximized traction in wet conditions for the safest rides
    • Constant performance on dry or even snowy roads

    Diameter: 15" to 22"

    Starting at CA$132.39

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Our Selection

  1. Michelin
    Cross Climate SUV
    Michelin Cross Climate SUV
    • Offers summer performance and control in winter conditions
    • Safety, durability and fuel efficiency in one tire

    Diameter: 16" to 20"

    Starting at CA$190.41

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  2. BFGoodrich
    • Supple handling for all-season and all-purpose performance
    • Outstanding mileage and tread life

    Diameter: 15" to 22"

    Starting at CA$165.59

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  3. Bridgestone
    Dueler H-L Alenza Plus
    Bridgestone Dueler H-L Alenza Plus
    • Versatile all-weather and all year round performance
    • Upgraded fuel efficiency and durability

    Diameter: 15" to 22"

    Starting at CA$143.82

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  4. General Tire
    Grabber HTS60
    General Tire Grabber HTS60
    • Perfect blend of comfort, durability and performance
    • Excellent all-weather and heavy load stability

    Diameter: 15" to 22"

    Starting at CA$129.82

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  5. Falken
    Wild Peak H/T02
    Falken Wild Peak H/T02
    • Rugged all-season durability and drivability
    • Outstanding heavy-duty towing capabilities

    Diameter: 15" to 22"

    Starting at CA$157.58

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  6. Maxxis
    BRAVO HT-770
    Maxxis BRAVO HT-770
    • Improved design for an all-road quieter ride
    • Greater braking performance in hauling or towing conditions

    Diameter: 14" to 20"

    Starting at CA$120.76

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  7. Cooper Tires
    Evolution H/T
    Cooper Tires Evolution H/T
    • Better water evacuation for wet conditions performance
    • Enhanced conception for better braking and steering

    Diameter: 15" to 20"

    Starting at CA$136.26

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  8. Toyo Tires
    Open Country H/T II
    Toyo Tires Open Country H/T II
    • Uncompromising durability and comfort
    • On and off-road durability and traction for a versatile tire

    Diameter: 15" to 22"

    Starting at CA$217.67

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We hope that this selection will be helpful in your choice. Please note that all the models are available for purchase on our website.

If you have any questions about the models displayed or if you need assistance in completing your order, feel free to contact our Customer Service department. One of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a good summer 2020 with PMCtire!