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Tire Specifications

This section will enrich your knowledge for a better overall understanding of tire characteristics. This technical information will serve as a reference for you when shopping for tires and will answer most of your questions. You will find content on benchmarks, on the ideal time to change or buy your tires, on how to read a tire sidewall correctly, as well as a guide on the grip.

Speed ​​rating, load capacity, number of plies and UTQG index

To guide you, we tell you everything about the origins and value of the speed index recorded on the side of your tire. You will also find a reference table for the maximum speed a tire can reach, and several warnings about speed ratings when purchasing new tires. We have put at your disposal a chart with the loading capacity of your vehicle and a list including the codification related to the number of plies. For the three criteria used in the rating of the Uniform Tire Quality Guide (UTQG), visit this section.

When to purchase new tires or change your winter tires

Are you wondering when's the ideal time to change your tires? We give you expert advice on how to maximize security while driving and reduce the risk of breakage of the tire. In addition, we specify the ideal time to buy new summer / 4 Season tires and winter tires. We also discuss the importance and the need to equip your vehicle with winter tires.

The age of the tire and the DOT

This section provides the information you need on the age of the tire as well as its lifetime, according to the date of purchase, date of manufacture and external conditions influencing the age of the tire. Discover where to find the date of manufacture (DOT) on your tires. Finally, to better understand the writing on the sidewall of the tire, check our home page for the legend of the all-important definitions that can be registered on the tires.